Surf El Salvador

Let our Surfing Tours drive you to the Best Surf Spots in El Salvador. Our guide has the inside deals on all the best surf shops, where the best waves are and everything you need to know about Surfing in El Salvador.

Surf El Salvador has all the information that you need to know on how the surf works in our Central American Country. From beach breaks, sand point breaks and river mouth, We know our beaches, breaks, waves, tides, conditions, swells, locals, surf spots, and everything there is to know to make a great surf trip.

El Salvador has a moderate tropical climate that is characterized by warm temperatures during the day and cool nights, except for the coastal plain. There are two distinct seasons, a dry season from November to April with light rainfall and a wet season from May to November when heavy rainfall occurs. Rainfall is heaviest along the coast but the interior regions remain relatively dry. Average monthly precipitation during the wet season is 10 inches, (260 mm). Average temperature ranges in San Salvador are from 72 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit, (22 – 24 degrees Celsius), all year round.
Coastline: 307 km