Punta Roca, La Libertad

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La Libertad Surf

La Libertad, is located just 25 miles or so south of the capital. Although founded in 1927, back in the 50’s it was an international tourist destination visited mostly by nomad surfers that adventure themselves looking for perfect waves very long in length. Its main wave, Punta Roca, are the anchors of El Salvador’s surf scene on the Costa del Balsamo and can be crowded, especially on weekends.

Surfing Tips:

Wave Type: Point Break
Direction of Surf: Right Hand
Bottom: Rock
Surf Level: Intermediate
Crowds: Busy, especially on weekends
Surf Hazard: Sharp rocks at low tide
Wave Length: Very Long
Nearby Accomodations: Many Hostels
Nearby City: La Libertad
Nearby Airport: El Salvador International Airport
Things to Do: Most are here for the surf however there are plenty of fun bars and restaurants, post surfing.